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Product Type: Apps

Price: Packages available for as low as $32.50/user/month

Last updated: 5/6/2023

Language: English

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Seeking to Simplify the Practice of Architecture

Project Ally simplifies project marketing, management, tracking and invoicing for architects.

Project Ally was created by an architect for architects and was refined by a team of architects to help design professionals simplify their work, save time, promote accuracy and be more informed about their business. Project Ally is a Claris Filemaker® Pro application.

Elegant & Easy-to-use information management solution for your busy architecture firm, integrating:

Project Performance Tools -
• Project Info: easily see Descriptions, Project Data, Staff & Consultants involved all in one place
• Fees: create Fee Proposal including Hours & Direct Expense estimates linked to timesheets
• Project Budget: manage fees & expenses with Summary, Performance To Date, Estimated Work Remaining & Profit Performance tables & charts

Project Administration Tools -
•Project Schedule: view your active projects and project phases in gantt charts
•Project Tasks: share across team members
•Project Directory: see all project contacts in one list
•Progress Tracking: communicate progress with billing department
•Construction Administration: create submittals, field reports, requests for information (RFIs), field orders, proposal requests, change orders, supplemental drawings (logs are created automatically)

Contact Management Tools -
• Indexes: click and find quickly
• Lists: find & sort to create useful lists
• Relationships: link contacts to their companies
• Correspondence: auto-create emails, phone call memos, transmittals, letters, memos, conference memos
• Job Development tools: utilize social media links, project history list, resume builder, prospective clients list

Staff Management Tools -
• Sign Out Log: know where your people are
• Task-tracker: understand what is on everybody’s “plate"
• Timesheets: track hours by project phase & staff role; linked to invoice creation tool
• Expense Reports: easily collect info to reimburse staff for reimbursable expenses
• Resume Builder: auto-create tailored resumes for pursuing new work, listing project experience with both current and prior employer(s)
• Direct Personnel Expense Reports: auto-calculate staffing expense; linked to project budget performance tables & charts

Marketing/Job Development Tools -
• Prospective Client Tracker: keep in touch with potential future clients
• Project Descriptions & Project Data: dedicated location so staff know where to put and find project information
• Staff & Consultant Project Involvement: auto-build marketing resumes based on staff involved lists and consultant fees data
• Staff Prior Experience: easily build staff resumes including prior experience with other firms for Request for Proposals (RFP) responses.
• Proposal Builder (including SF330 Marketing forms and Virginia AE forms): quickly auto-build Request for Proposals (RFP) responses by utilizing project data and by duplicating & editing project list type sort numbers

Invoicing Tools -
• Invoices: see invoices auto-sorted by project & date
• Build Invoices: see project progress input by project managers and easily transfer amounts to build invoice
• Payment Status Summary: quickly see when invoice payments are overdue
• Consultant Payments: see payments by project, consultant & date
• Fee & Expense Mark-Ups: include a % mark up

Invoice and Marketing modules can be turned on/off depending on user access permissions

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