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Last updated: 1/18/2023

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Estimate the number of pizzas required for your group event

After attendees select what they want, PizzaPartyCount will estimate the number of pizzas you need.

One of the great things about FileMaker is it’s ability to quickly create useful solutions quickly. That’s why FileMaker is the #1 rapid application development software in the world. Our local Claris FileMaker Developer Group in the Twin Cities (FMPUG-MN) has monthly meetings and orders pizza for the group for our lunch. With about 30 people in attendance on a regular basis, it’s a challenge to order the right amount of pizza and the kinds that people want the most. It’s also amazing how much pizza gets converted into code with our talented developers.

Several years ago we created PizzaPartyCount for the iPad to solve this problem. Several things changed that made it time for a new version PizzaPartyCount 2.0! (1) We now have more types of pizza available. The original version only allowed for 6 kinds of pizza and all were hard coded into the solution. Version 2.0 allows you to enter your own pizzas types easily as new records in the Pizzas table and displays up to 8 on the screen at a time. (2) iPads have different size screens so we updated the solution to take full advantage of the display sizes by adjusting the placement of items on the screen that adapt. (3) Newer versions of FileMaker have new development features. We’ve taken advantage of these new features including, for example, button images. So this new app better accomplishes our purpose and allows you to pass around an iPad before the meeting so everyone can order exactly the slices they want. It then summarizes how many pizzas you need to order and each kind. We made PizzaPartyCount able to take a credit card payment as well. Using the power of Square Online Store, you can set up an account and store to sell a product. Create a “Pizza” product for the amount you want contributed. Insert the URL store for that into the Prefs. Then each person can pay for their pizza individually without needing cash. Using FileMaker you could easily modify it to do other things. That’s the power of FileMaker.

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