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Last updated: 9/24/2018

Language: English

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Track games on your iPad or iPhone with FileMaker Go.

ScoreKeeper can track games for volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and tennis.

FileMaker is a great toolkit for building an app like ScoreKeeper. In a few hours we built a multi-sport application that runs on macOS, Windows, and iPhone/iOS.

The idea for this app came while watching a volleyball tournament. Because of the way the seats were positioned I couldn’t see the scoreboard behind me. ScoreKeeper was the answer. ScoreKeeper can help you keep track of games for volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and tennis. After choosing a sport and entering a few game details like the date, time, and team names, just tap the + and – buttons to track the score for each team. The app is meant for personal use but could be displayed on a large screen TV for others to view. An added bonus in the app is the date and time clock at the bottom of the screen that is made up using some JavaScript in a FileMaker web viewer. You can copy/paste that into any other FileMaker solution. The GameTypes table with images for each sport is related the Game table via a simple GameType field. The ball image for the right game shows up in the center of the screen.

Using FileMaker you could easily modify the app to do other things. That’s the power of FileMaker.

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