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Product Type: Extensions

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Last updated: 4/5/2023

Language: English

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Integrate Stripe payments into your FileMaker solutions

bzPayments enables your FileMaker solutions to securely manage payment transactions using Stripe.

bzPayments enables your FileMaker solutions to securely process and manage payment transactions, including credit card transactions and invoice billing, all without storing payment data in your local database.

bzPayments is pre-built with Stripe integration, as an example of integrating FileMaker with payment processing services.

• Avoid storing actual credit card information in your app
• Integrate with your FileMaker solution(s)
• Send invoices, and track customers and purchased items
• Enable PCI compliance
• Support multiple payment methods such as credit card, ACH, or localized payment methods
• Monitor and store the details of each transaction
• Simple integration with your Stripe vendor account

Includes an example FileMaker solution managing customers, items for sale, invoices and transactions.

• Stripe vendor account
• FileMaker 19 or 2023

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