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Product Type: Extensions

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Last updated: 5/24/2023

Language: English

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End-to-end web integration tools for FileMaker

End-to-end web integration tools for FileMaker, powered by JavaScript.

bzBond takes Claris FileMaker web integrations to the next level, providing end-to-end tools to support you on your web technology journey.

From dynamic and responsive user experiences to ultra-focused server-side microservices, bzBond blends web, JavaScript and FileMaker development best practices to help you create, deploy, and enhance reliable web-powered solutions.

WHY bzBond?

• Quality Tools for Claris Web Integrations
• Reliably run web UIs and JavaScript libraries in web viewers
• Speed up FileMaker scripts with JavaScript functions
• Store and deploy web code
• Works with FileMaker Server / Claris Server
• Keep the JavaScript party going with extensible microservices


• Control web viewer scripting with promises: bzBond treats script calls from web viewers as promises, letting you chain them or use async/await.

• Easy compile to a single file: Every web project created with create-bzbond-app can be compiled to a single file web project by simply running the build script: npm run build.

• Lighten the load of loading code: Store your single-file web projects in the simple bzBond web project manager and take advantage of an optimized deployment process, which ensures your code arrives on time and ready to interact with your solution.

• Fully integrated debugging/dev server: When it comes to real-time code updates, FileMaker is the OG. The bzBond web project manager stays true to its roots and lets you see web code updates in real-time. Simply switch on debugging at the web project or web viewer level.

• Add a JavaScript function runner to your scripts: Function results are easily accessible via Get ( ScriptResult ).

• Harness the power of Server: With bzBond-server installed, scripts that leverage JavaScript will also work on FileMaker Server (or Claris Server).

• Use and create custom microservices: Extend bzBond-server by creating or installing "microbonds" (bzBond microservices extensions). Use them to perform specific tasks, interact with external APIs, or provide an interface for other applications installed on the server.


1. bzBond-js - JavaScript API for getting FileMaker Pro (or Claris Pro) script results to web viewers using JavaScript promises

2. bzBond-claris - FileMaker Pro (or Claris Pro) assets for managing bzBond-js interactions and storing, deploying and testing web code

3. bzBond-server - extensible server-based microservice that enables JavaScript in the FileMaker Server (or Claris Server) script engine

4. create-bzbond-app - create new bzBond integrations with a single command

5. bzBondRelay - run JavaScript code right from FileMaker Pro (or Claris Pro) scripts on client or server

6. bzBond-web-template - the core of bzBond web integrations, including bzBond-js and build tools for seamless deployment in solutions

What's New

Works with FileMaker 2023 including FileMaker Server 2023

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