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Last updated: 4/13/2023

Language: English

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Ruby client for the FileMaker Data API

Ruby client for FileMaker's Data API with ActiveRecord-ish ORM.

Use the Data API to integrate FileMaker with the Ruby programming language. If you build robust web applications in Ruby on Rails, use the included fmrest-ruby to integrate with data sources from FileMaker solutions.

bzREST-ruby is an fmrest wrapper for these Ruby gems:

1) fmrest-spyke, providing an ActiveRecord-like ORM library built on top of fmrest-core and Spyke.
2) fmrest-core, providing the core Faraday connection builder, session management, and other core utilities.
3) fmrest-rails, providing Rails integration.
4) fmrest-cloud, an optional Ruby gem, adds support for FileMaker Cloud.

Some level of familiarity with Ruby / Rails and FileMaker’s Data API is advised, although the provided examples are applicable to any Ruby project, whether using Rails or not.

What's New

Support for Rails 7 and Ruby 3.2. The optional fmrest-cloud gem adds support for FileMaker Cloud.

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