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Product Type: Apps

Price: Starting at $15/month for up to 10 titles

Last updated: 10/16/2023

Language: English

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Easy royalties & press management for independent publishers

Kind, affordable software helps publishers run their presses, while keeping their authors happy.

PubGizmo cleverly manages the arduous tasks of running your press, so you can focus on acquiring, editing, and publishing great books. With a friendly interface that emphasizes ease-of-use, PubGizmo features robust contact, title, edition, contract, and royalty management, with a revolutionary system to import those pesky sales spreadsheets with ease, rapidly, one-after-another, then processing those sheets into easy-to-read royalty statements.

We are publishers, and know the stresses of running a press with scant resources: never enough time or money, coupled with constant pressure to get your books out there and noticed, while keeping your authors happy. And we know that the publisher management software out there is either expensive, graceless, or both. PubGizmo is built by people who understand your struggles, and ardently employ technology to alleviate them.

We are authors, too, and know what it's like to receive an indecipherable royalty statement, how that makes us feel dumb or insecure, and erodes trust with our publisher. PubGizmo's royalty statement is clear and concise, plus it includes a link to a web page that breaks down the statement in its entirety, explaining the meaning of each section. That makes for happier authors, and fewer post-royalty calls or email replies for publishers.

PubGizmo is fully built right now to manage your authors and books, and end the dread of royalty season – but it's also also on a steep growth path, and we want your input on what to add next. As a subscriber, you'll become part of a community of publishers like you, a group of voices that will tell us what to build next.

Even now, we are developing new, high-demand features, such as ONIX, BISAC, and Thema support. We have inventory and cost-tracking in the queue, with future plans to build a full-featured accounting system inside the solution – reducing your dependence, or eliminating fully, Quickbooks or Sage, or whatever other publishing-insensitive software you are forced to use.

Join other small-press, independent , and academic publishers of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, essays, chapbooks, and ephemera, and let PubGizmo manage the clerical aspects of running your press, so you can put your energy into the good work of publishing.

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