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Last updated: 11/1/2023

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Streamline Pharmacy Ops in One App

SiCompounding integrates pharmacy ops into one app, enhancing efficiency, safety, and compliance.

SiCompounding is an innovative compounding pharmacy system, born from over 15 years of dedicated research and software development within the field. This system is uniquely tailored for the compounding pharmacy sector, designed to integrate and streamline various pharmacy operations into one cohesive application. The development team, having worked closely with pharmacies and technicians, has crafted SiCompounding to address the industry's complex challenges head-on.

Traditional systems in this sector often cover only fragments of the necessary operations, leading pharmacies to juggle multiple applications. This fragmentation creates significant hurdles in managing pharmacy operations and effectively interconnecting data for critical decision-making, ultimately affecting both efficiency and patient safety. SiCompounding revolutionizes this process by offering a comprehensive solution. It ensures that pharmacy staff remain interconnected throughout the entire process of dispensing compounded prescription drugs, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Further extending its capabilities, SiCompounding includes a specially designed Patient and Physician Web Portal. For patients, this portal offers real-time access to prescription information, order status, online payment facilities, and the convenience of requesting medication refills. The Physician portal addresses a key challenge in prescribing compounded medications. It provides seamless access to the pharmacy’s formulary, significantly improving the accuracy of prescription data, which is crucial for reducing errors that could compromise patient safety.

A notable feature of SiCompounding is its B2B Order API, which establishes a direct link between the pharmacy and its B2B partners. This feature is pivotal in automating prescription and order intakes, drastically reducing the dispensing time from days to mere hours, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing service delivery.

In terms of compliance and industry standards, SiCompounding stands out. It is certified to receive electronic prescriptions from SureScripts, a leading eRx network provider in the USA. Additionally, it holds the DEA 21 CFR Part 1311 Certification, enabling it to process electronic prescriptions for Controlled Substances. This combination of certifications underscores SiCompounding's commitment to adhering to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring both compliance and reliability.

In summary, SiCompounding represents a groundbreaking step in compounding pharmacy systems. It not only simplifies and integrates various aspects of pharmacy operations into a single application but also brings forth improvements in efficiency, data accuracy, and patient safety. This system is a testament to innovative thinking and dedication to enhancing the field of pharmacy operations.

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