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Empower your data with chat completions and semantic search

Empowered GPT demo: AI-integrated FileMaker with chat, semantic search, and vector visualization.

Empowered GPT: Empowering FileMaker with AI

Empowered GPT is a inovative demo file showing how AI can be integrated within FileMaker, created by Empowered Data Solutions. It exemplifies how advanced AI can enhance and simplify data management processes. Whether you're a seasoned FileMaker developer or new to the platform, Empowered GPT provides valuable insights and tools to elevate your solutions.

What is Empowered GPT?

Empowered GPT demonstrates how AI, specifically OpenAI's GPT models, can be harnessed to perform various tasks within FileMaker. It covers essential AI functionalities such as chat completion including doing data augmentation, data embedding, semantic search, and vector visualization, all integrated seamlessly into the FileMaker environment.

Regular Updates and Improvements:
Empowered GPT is being regularly updated with new features and enhancements. Stay tuned for new functionalities and improvements to further enhance your FileMaker experience.
Scheduled updates will include specialized tool use that allows LLMs to function in a more agentic manor with FileMaker, excecuting scripts and responding to users with FileMaker data.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Chat Completion:
• AI-driven conversations directly within FileMaker.
• Basic chat functionality for simple interactions.
• "Chat with Memory" for complex, context-aware conversations.
• Data augmentation like filling in missing informaation in FileMaker records.

2. Data Embedding:
• Embedding data via API calls for FileMaker prior to FileMaker 2024.
• Embed data using OpenAI's models or FileMaker's new script steps.
• Store embeddings directly within FileMaker.
• Efficiently manage embeddings with built-in tools and scripts.

3. Semantic Search:
• Advanced searches based on the meaning and context of your data.
• Utilize Pinecone API for managing and searching large datasets.
• FileMaker 2024's built-in semantic search capabilities for streamlined integration.

4. Vector Visualization:
• Create 3D plots of your embedded data to visualize relationships and outliers.
• Use built-in JavaScript tools for quick visualizations or Python scripts for larger datasets.
• Gain deeper insights into your data through interactive visualizations.

Unique Features:

• Ease of Integration: Designed to integrate smoothly with existing FileMaker solutions. Well-documented scripts and tools.
• Comprehensive Documentation: Detailed comments and documentation make functionalities easy to understand and extend.
• Cutting-Edge AI: Leverage the latest AI advancements to enhance FileMaker solutions.
• Customization: Tailor functionalities to suit specific needs. Flexible and adaptable to various use cases.

Technical Requirements:

• FileMaker 2024 or later: For new embedding and semantic search script steps.
• Campatible with older versions of FileMaker for integratin with the OpenAI and Pinecone APIs.
• OpenAI API Key: For accessing GPT functionalities.
• Pinecone API Key: For managing and searching large datasets.

Empowered GPT is a testament to the power of combining AI with FileMaker. It opens up new possibilities for data interaction, making workflows more efficient and intuitive. Download Empowered GPT today and experience the future of FileMaker integration!

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