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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Site License ( any number of devices): $199; Developer License (any number of clients): $349; Redistribution License (unlimited devices in a single vertical market solution): $699

Last updated: 4/1/2014

Language: English

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Add barcodes to any FileMaker solution

Barcode Creator is the only all native tool to add any of 19 barcodes types to your custom app.

Barcode Creator is our tool that allows you to add any of 19 symbologies to your custom apps. Barcodes are created without plugins and without special fonts, and those barcodes are saved in a container field.
Barcode Creator makes it simple and easy for you to create barcodes. In the unlocked file, there is an entire modular folder of scripts that you copy and paste into your system. Also, there's a sample script for you to copy and paste or replicate. Finally you need to update a few script steps, and you're done. The scripts can be called upon to create barcodes for any records using any data and any symbology.
Barcode Creator stores the barcode in your app, so once you've created it for some data, the image is stored in a container field and can be used over and over.
Barcode Creator is well-document. The app has been tested thousands of times, and many people are using it in their custom apps.

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