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Product Type: Extensions

Price: 299

Last updated: 7/1/2019

Language: English

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Drawing in FileMaker - made easy!

Add drawing capabilities to your app using native FileMaker functionality.

EasyDraw is a lightweight but powerful add-on that allows you to add drawing capabilities to your app in a snap. Just copy the needed table, scripts and layout objects to your app. Expand it to meet your specific needs.
This is what you can do with EasyDraw:
• Start with a blank canvas and begin writing or drawing
• Use familiar drawing tools like: line, free hand draw, basic shape, text, fill, etcetera…
• Take a photo with your iPhone or iPad and add drawings on top of it
• Reload a saved drawing and edit each individual element again and again.
• Store drawing information as text (JSON). This means you can search for and modify each individual item in your drawing from FileMaker
• Run EasyDraw with FileMaker Pro/Go 16 or later on Windows, MacOS and iOS.

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