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Price: From $60/month

Last updated: 7/27/2020

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The precision tool of project management softwares

Precision software for tracking time, expenses, freelancers and cost analysis for each project.

With Casserole Nova management software, you will be able to create as many projects, sub-projects and modules as you need to conduct your operations efficiently and profitably. All types of projects find their place: From the mini-project settled in 15 minutes to the huge project that occupies half of your team throughout the year (and for which are linked dozens of sub-projects), Our precision software offers all the necessary tools for the success of each of them. Casserole Nova: Unlimited projects at will!

As you know, careful budget planning is the key to a profitable project. This carefully planned budget is the backbone that will support all stages of the project to its conclusion. Casserole Nova Precision Software offers a simple and effective way of budgeting projects: You determine the level of detail, items can be grouped, and tasks will be created on that basis.

The main entryway to Casserole Nova, the "My Day" section is a multifunctional screen that allows users to see the tasks assigned to them, to record the time they spend on each project, to collaborate with their colleagues with the function "Chit Chat" and record each of the costs incurred on the projects. This intuitive section will be the one you will see always open on the screens of your employees.

A quote created in Casserole Nova precision software can contain as many items as you like. Item descriptions can be long or short and a quote can hold multiple pages. You completely control the display of prices and totals. The graphical aspect of the quotes can be modified according to your preferences. The quote section has been designed for people who prepare detailed estimates and present their fees in the way that suits them. In this section you will find everything you need to prepare your quotes.

Sooner or later, any project involves a billing step. Casserole Nova precision software can make as many invoices as you need and create them using either the data of an estimate or the costs of a project. Invoices are customized with your company's colors and contain the level of detail you want. You will be able to create invoices in PDF format and send them by email. You will also be able to manage receipts, manage payments and produce account statements. With Casserole Nova software, you can complete the loop of each project without copying data from one software to another!

Casserole Nova Precision Software is:

Customer and Supplier Management
Project management, with project cost calculation
Three levels of projects and sub-projects
Time and task management
Quotes and invoices 
Cost monitoring of projects
Profitability Analysis
Automatic billing of costs
Automatic billing of quotes
Order management
Payment management
Exporting data to QuickBooks
Export of data into accounting entries

All our packages include data hosting and user support.
** Proudly developed in Montreal since 2005.

What's New

Casserole Nova is getting better every day. We recently added the possibility of sending invoices in batches via the server, a new planning tool for projects based on their intensities and a new dashboard of each project.

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