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Last updated: 7/4/2019

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Discover, evaluate and rate US equity crowdfunding campaigns

eCrowdFunder lets users discover, evaluate and rate US equity crowdfunding campaigns.

eCrowdFunder let's users discover, evaluate and rate US equity crowdfunding campaigns.

Since the implementation of Reg. CF of the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) on May 16th. 2016 the crowd can now invest in promising startups for the first time since 1934. Previously this was reserved exclusively for qualified investors. Naturally such investments are by their very nature highly risky since the crowd is placing bets on unproven startups. But it also brings us back to the earliest era of capitalism where the investor really cared about the companies they invested in and wanted to see them succeed not just for the financial returns.

We created eCrowdFunder as a powerful tool which brings together listings from all of the SEC registered platforms. Any campaign can be added to favorites and rated by the user to easily follow its progress and share in the excitement of tracking successful campaigns. A great way to build your own personal portfolio of startups that inspire you.

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Updated description, links and minor bug fixes.

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