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Product Type: Apps

Price: Starting at $199 plus $99/user per month

Last updated: 7/8/2019

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Art in ERP

Seamlessly link sales, operations, and accounting in one comprehensive yet affordable solution.

aACE is a comprehensive tool, tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises, that seamlessly supports sales, operations, and accounting. As the letters in our name suggest, aACE unifies A-ccounting, C-ustomer relationship management, and E-nterprise resource planning into an integrated package. The newly-released aACE 5 is artisan software which our clients describe as a delight to deploy and a pleasure to use. Flexible, affordable, and elegant, this latest version of aACE realizes the team’s vision of Art in ERP.

In addition to accounting, CRM, and ERP, core aACE functionality includes inventory, order management, production, shipping & receiving, and scheduling.

This newest version of aACE is the culmination of over a decade of research and development. We have worked closely with our clients to perfect a business management solution tailored to the needs of SMEs. You can see our customer-centered product evolution in the attention paid to details of UX design, such as navigation, searching, error messages, and logging.

aACE accommodates most client needs right out of the box. And because it is built on the FileMaker platform, aACE can be customized easily, efficiently, and cost effectively. Each SME has unique in-house expertise acquired during their years in business, and aACE makes it simple to translate those insights into custom apps that streamline processes, boost productivity, and maximize their competitive advantage.

Our track record of enthusiastic customers spans a wide range of industries, including professional services, wholesale distribution, and light manufacturing. These organizations have as few as five and as many as 500 personnel. But they all share the same need for an integrated, cost-effective, cross-platform suite of business management software that is robust enough to support their entire operation — and that’s where aACE comes in.

aACE clients have called our solution “the best in everything,” “a major improvement over QuickBooks,” and “a critical component to the success of our company’s future.” We’re constantly hearing from our clients that their day-to-day operations have improved since implementing aACE. For example:
- Derek Navratil from Essential Water Solutions Inc.: “[The aACE team] initially struck me as unique, refreshingly knowledgeable, and very in-tune with the modern demands of an ERP software package – solving problems with their software that no one else seemed to give a second thought.”
- Todd Breedlove from Knight Hardwood Flooring: “I’ve done ten or more demos of competing packages and they want to sell you on how to adjust your workflow to fit their software. aACE showed me how the software can be built around my business and my workflow.”
- Read more enthusiastic reviews on Capterra.com.

aACE 5 offers a compelling alternative for business owners who question the ROI from other software:
- browser-based packages like NetSuite
- open-source packages like xTuple
- client/server packages like QuickBooks, Dynamics, and Sage
aACE 5 provides greater visibility, accuracy, and velocity in your operations.
aACE 5 solves the inefficiencies and lost opportunities that arise from a software package not carefully fitted to your business’ unique needs.

Visit aacesoft.com to learn why more and more businesses are switching to aACE 5.

What's New

aACEv5.0.27 includes a handful of minor bug fixes as well as performance and feature enhancements. Most notably, we reduced the time required for the system to generate the integrated financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance Summary). aACEv5.0.27 also includes two new reports, and we will be announcing support for our Tableau integration via FileMaker’s Data API this month (July 2019). Keep an eye on our blog at aacesoft.com/resources for all the latest news!

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