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Price: Starting at $49 per month/register

Last updated: 7/10/2018

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Point of Sale for Countertop & iPad, on Mac or Windows

KiPoint POS 4 Pro is a Robust App - Connecting Sales, Inventory, Scheduling, Shipping & Accounting.

KiPoint Pro 4 is a Robust Multi-Store POS System
Connecting Retail Sales, eCommerce, Inventory, Staff Timesheets and Scheduling, Customer Rewards, Shipping and Accounting

Use KiPoint, the Leading FileMaker POS solution for iPad, Mac, Windows, to quickly process retail sales. Extraordinarily easy and visual to add items to a order by scanning a barcode, a customizable touch screen, and a quick find interface where you can type a few letters.
Easily do returns by scanning barcode on receipt.

Process credit cards and get signature on the iPad in a few seconds. Capture customer information so you can email their receipt. Can be run on iPad, Mac or Windows locally or in Cloud accessed via FileMaker Server. Use KiPoint POS 4 with the KiBiz Business Management system and update your inventory, sales orders, purchasing, work orders, fulfillment and accounting. KiBiz 8.5 was selected at FileMaker DevCon Conference as a Finalist for Outstanding Development and Innovation as a solution made in FileMaker.

KiPoint POS can be added on to any FileMaker Business System. KiPoint POS 4 can also stand alone and then sync its data to any another database solution.

KiPoint POS currently runs the POS for a worldwide 40 Store Chain from the UK, USA, Canada, and Hong Kong.

“The biggest thing with KiPoint is it allows us to be more effective and more efficient in getting a customer taken care of, cashed out and our personnel able to move on to the next customer, instead of being bogged down manually processing each part of every purchase.”
Retail Store Owner, Paris, KY

KiPoint POS Sales Dashboard Shows Key Metrics
Know how your business is performing each day, week and month at a glance.

Easy Checkout and Payment Processing
Accept payments by credit cards (EMV Chip cards), Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Android Pay, checks, cash, debit cards, customer accounts, reward points or gift cards.
We also offer applying for your own merchant account so that it will work seamlessly with KiPoint POS. Utilize the Credit Card Vault as a secure way to store Customer Card info for repeat sales.

Customize KiPoint POS 4 to Fit your Business
Rather than trying to fit your business into software, you can continually customize KiBiz to meet your current as well as future needs. KiPoint is sold open so you can customize it yourself, or you can ask our team to customize it however you need it to work.

KiPoint POS is multi-currency capable, options to handle taxes in different countries, and integrates with Credit Card terminals and mobile CC, cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners.

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