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Last updated: 1/28/2019

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Manage your organization's jobs.

Manage your organization's jobs and track the amount of time spent on tasks.

Manage your organization's jobs, see how staff is allocated, and track the amount of time spent on tasks. Plus, view relevant milestones and dates.

Whether it is staff, client, job or task management, start tracking them all with the Job Tracking Template.

Staff Management
• Add and view staff.
• Manage staff details.
• Assign jobs and tasks to staff.
• Add photos for staff.

Job Management
• Create new jobs.
•  Manage job status.
• Add and view job tasks.
• Track time spent on a job.
• Assign staff and clients to a job.

Client Management
• Add and view clients.
• Manage client information.
• Create jobs for clients.

Task Management
• Create new tasks.
• Manage task status and details.
• Track time spent on tasks.
• Assign staff to tasks.

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