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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Free

Last updated: 6/16/2019

Language: English

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Extension tool to help implement Audit/Delete Logs

Scripts and calculations' template to integrate a complete Auditing and Delete Logs solution.

This app is a tool to assist you in integrating audit calculations into your custom app for each table to track data changes, as well as a Delete script to log deleted records. Use of this tool will require you to copy the audit calculations and scripts and integrate it into your solution. It records the changed data as well as the account and computer information on who made the changes or deletes. It makes use of the FileMaker 18 "WHILE" function, which will not work in previous versions. This app is a free tool and completely open, but the integration will require the assistance of a FileMaker developer to implement an auditing system in your solution. TMS Software, LLC is available if you need assistance implementing this auditing tool into your custom app.

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