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Price: Starting at $495.00

Last updated: 3/1/2020

Language: English

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No more double data entry between WooCommerce and FileMaker!

fmEcommerce Link allows you to upload and download data between FileMaker and WooCommerce.

fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) allows you to upload and download data between your FileMaker solution and WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform on the web with over 43 million downloads. fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) removes double data entry and human errors saving your company significant time, money and hassle by automating the exchange of data between FileMaker and WooCommerce.

fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) is completely unlocked allowing you to integrate it into your FileMaker solution. You can copy and paste examples showing you how to authenticate with the WooCommerce API and download Customers, Orders, Products, Coupons and more at the click of a button.

fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) features include:

- works with FileMaker Pro v12 or later
- runs natively under FileMaker Pro/FileMaker Go v16 or later – no plug-in required
- works with Macintosh and Windows
- 100% unlocked for you to integrate into your own FileMaker solution
- can be hosted by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server
- Webhooks support (create new Orders automatically from WooCommerce – FileMaker
Server required)
- works with WooCommerce v3.0 or later (HTTPS required)

fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) includes examples for the following WooCommerce API endpoints:

- Customers: download and upload Customers
- Products: download and upload Products
- Product Variations: download and upload Product Variations
- Orders: download Orders from WooCommerce (including Order line items)
- Coupons: download and upload Coupons
- Tax Rates: download Tax Rates from WooCommerce
- Tax Classes: download Tax Classes from WooCommerce
- Categories: download Categories from WooCommerce
- Attributes: download Product Attributes from WooCommerce
- Terms: download and upload Attribute Terms from WooCommerce
- Shipping Classes: download Product Shipping Classes from WooCommerce
- Tags: download Product Tags from WooCommerce
- Payment Gateways: download and upload Payment Gateways from WooCommerce
- Shipping Methods: download and upload Shipping Methods from WooCommerce
- Shipping Zones: download and upload Shipping Zones from WooCommerce
- Shipping Zone Locations: download and upload Shipping Zone Locations
from WooCommerce
- Shipping Zone Methods: download Shipping Zone Methods Locations from WooCommerce
- Media: upload Media Library files directly from FileMaker container fields and download Media Library items

What's New

fmEcommerce Link v1.6 includes a new Webhook for New Customer notifications, as well as Data API versions of New Customer Webhook and New Order Webhook PHP files. You can now delete media from the WordPress Media Library and the WooCommerce Category upload has been updated to allow uploading Images by reference to WordPress Media ID only.

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