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Last updated: 5/22/2019

Language: English

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Managing your FileMaker server - the easy way.

This tool is combining the three different interfaces in order to managing your FileMaker server.

The FileMaker Server web console was built from scratch for FileMaker Server 17 and has minor enhancements for FileMaker Server 18. While this is a very welcome change with a new and much more stable web console, it also had the consequence that features, we were used to have in the old web admin console of FileMaker Server 16 is now gone from the web admin console. They did not disappear completely. Most have been moved to either the admin API or Command Line Interface.
However, that also means that now you need to use 3 different interfaces in order to manage your FileMaker server. For many people, this is inconvenient and some are not comfortable coding agains the admin API or use Command Line commands. So in order to help our colleagues in the community, we built this tool, that combines all 3 interfaces and some more information on SSL as well.

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