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Last updated: 6/1/2019

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Experience the leading Studio Management Software.

Studio Suite powers the back office of audio and video product and post production studios.

Studio Suite is a fully functional production and post-production management software, with a flexible interface that can accommodate virtually any production or post-production workflow. Studio Suite is truly a premier studio management software, and the Projects module is the software’s work horse.

In the Projects module you can track all resources and information related to each project, including:
People, clients, sessions, events, reels, titles, and invoices
Work orders and invoices
Messages and notifications
Color-code and edit your data and displays
Attach external, digital files (Avid®, FinalCut®, ProTools®, MS Word®, Photoshop®, etc.)
Budgets and petty cash
Actual charges and expenses
Profit and loss per project and per line item
Add notes, creative directions, and titles.
In addition to improvements to the speed, responsiveness, and ease of use, the following new functionality has been added to SS Xi’s Projects module:
Completely revised “Budget” and “Actual” views.
Deeper integration with Budgets, Petty Cash, and Purchase Orders
Improvements to “Rental” workflows
Revised navigation between views
Custom Rate Card creation, for specialized rates
Greater flexibility with discount options
AICP / AICE friendly budget displays
Improved sorting, hierarchy management, and printing.
Improved color-coding options
Additional pricing, discount and quantity 

In the Calendar module you can:
Navigate your calendars, and book Projects and simple events in monthly, weekly, or daily views
Create and edit items
View options include daily notes, tasks, resources, projects, and employee schedules
Change or edit auto-fill times
Choose and configure presets
Customize the color and meanings for event statuses
SS 12 also features Improvements to the speed, responsiveness, and ease of use.

Whether it’s scheduling a video production or managing a studio, managing your contacts is a critical component, and Studio Suite’s Contacts module is your solution. The Contacts module not only displays linked information about each contact, but is also a powerful contact management system designed specifically for the audio/video/media production industry. Functionality includes:
Multiple address and phone number fields, emails, and URLs
Callbacks, new calls and notes
Skype dialer
Titles, talent and instruments
Important dates
Record Search
Client logos
Add/edit rates by contact
Create new Tasks
Set up billing and tax information
Invoices, Rates, Client Media
Auto log
View and Jump to previous projects
Menu preferences

The Equipment module allows you to keep track of all of the equipment that you own. A separate record for each item is created, showing purchase date and amount, current location, serial and model numbers, value, etc. The Parts module is where you keep track of all equipment parts (a part can be an individual item such as hard drives, adapters, transformers, connectors, chip sets, resistors and diodes, etc. or it can contain another part). The Maintenance module tracks equipment repair statuses and maintenance needs.

What's New

New in Version 12 is a fully enabled web browser version of Studio Suite.

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