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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Starting at $49 per user, $499 per iOS app

Last updated: 6/27/2019

Language: English

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Easily make users love your dialogs

You can now interact with users via professional looking dialogs. Easily.

SimpleDialog allows your FileMaker custom apps to interact with users via professionally looking dialogs to provide excellent user experience with minimum development effort.

With SimpleDialog your script can easily display a dialog with a progress bar and two text messages. Multiple dialogs can be displayed at the same time and updated on-the-fly while your script keeps running.
When your solution needs time to do its work you can:
- keep the user calm by showing that it is working
- make the user efficient by knowing when it will be done
- prevent the users from perceiving the app as frozen
- let the user gracefully pause or cancel your scripts

SimpleDialog can display styled text in dialogs and automatically resizes each dialog for the best possible layout of the provided contents.
When your solution needs to display a warning or error message:
- the whole message will always fit in the dialog, so the user will not miss a cropped piece
- you can emphasize the most important part to make the user read it before dismissing it
- nice and unique look of each dialog will make them pleasant to see and easier to recognize

With SimpleDialog your script can ask the user for information as easily as using the Show Custom Dialog script step, just without its limitations.
When your script needs input from the user you can:
- make it easy for the user by using the right field type for each bit of information
- avoid confusion from displaying a sequence of dialogs
- provide native user experience without hassle
- create reusable code by not depending on database fields

With SimpleDialog, your dialogs can be validated and updated while they are displayed. You can validate entered values using regular expression or FileMaker calculations, and update the dialog based on various circumstances.
With live updating dialogs you can:
- validate all values before the dialog is dismissed
- complete all data entry within a single dialog
- let the user select multiple values from conditional popup menus
- provide context sensitive help for individual dialog fields
- avoid loops with confusing reappearing dialogs

SimpleDialog comes with a utility that lets you set up a dialog with up to 5 fields and 5 buttons and generated the correct syntax for you.
With 24U SimpleDialog Utility you can:
- start using the plug-in without learning its syntax
- test your dialogs before using them in your solution
- learn the syntax from your own examples

What's New

SimpleDialog 6 fully supports native iOS apps built with the iOS App SDK. Keep your solutions informational by creating simple and handy dialogs for filling information or to inform your users what is happening. With SimpleDialog 6, we have improved the progress dialogs by adding Pause/Resume and Cancel buttons. Make your apps more user-friendly by letting your users direct the progress of their work.

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