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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Single user: New - $200/year

Last updated: 9/28/2021

Language: English

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Connect your FileMaker Solution to QuickBooks Desktop

Eliminate double entry & improve data accuracy - connect FileMaker to QuickBooks desktop.

The FM Books Connector plug-in allows you to integrate your FileMaker app with QuickBooks Desktop. 
By connecting FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop, you can use data in FileMaker to automate the creation of invoices in QuickBooks, adjust inventory, create a PO, update a customer, apply a payment or even pull a report.   
A FileMaker and QuickBooks integration can increase your team's productivity and efficiency in four easy ways: 
1. Eliminate duplicate data entry between the two applications 
2. Give your users information on customers, items, inventory, invoices and payments - while protecting your QuickBooks file 
3. Implement a process that works with or improves your existing workflow 
4. Provide secure access to data anytime and on any device - iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web 
This plug-in comes with a free and unlocked demo file, integration documentation, instructional videos, and an optional paid training course.  
FM Books Connector is a Windows only plug-in for FileMaker 32-bit and 64-bit systems and QuickBooks Desktop. 
Tips for getting started: 
1. Download the demo file 
2. Watch our free instructional videos 
3. Review the Developer’s Guide and Functions Guide 
4. Consider taking the Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop training course at Productive Computing University  

For Mac developers, there is Mac Template for development purposes only.

What's New

Miscellaneous updates for security and compatibility.

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