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Last updated: 5/14/2019

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Collect and test all Custom Functions in one place!

Build a commented collection of Custom Functions with dependency documentation in test environment

NORSULT_Functions is part of our Developers’ Toolkit. It assists in developing great apps in FileMaker.
You can build a collection of your Custom Functions with comments, use cases and dependency documentation. With the automated reading of the Custom Function information from the Database Design report you can see all Information in one place without opening the Manage Custom Functions dialog.
Included is a test environment where use cases for the functions can be executed and compared to the expected results. This also helps for checking for side effects and newly introduced errors during development, even in the other functions used.
Whenever a custom function is changed a fast run over all defined test cases provides security for the developer.

In order to use the full capacity of the tool, the Custom Function must be defined in the file. What you get is a completely open FileMaker file with just a few example functions pre-installed. To get a fast start, choose a file that contains most of your most often used Custom Functions and import those into NORSULT_Functions. Run a DDR (Database Design Report) and a built in script reads the XML and extracts the information about your functions.

For every function you can write as many test cases as is appropriate. Each test can be evaluated individually. It shall be used as fast and easy way that the functions does what you expect it to do. Whenever a function is edited, enhanced, new functionality added or in any way modified ALL test cases need to be re-evaluated. Run a ‚Test all‘ script to get to the results fast and reliably. A list with all failed test cases gives you instant feed-back.

There is no other tool on the market that gives you the possibility to build, comment and test Custom Functions and their dependencies in one place. And it’s free!

Why is it free? We want to catch your attention and offer more!
NORSULT delivers custom made apps for Mac, PC and Mobile. We use FileMaker, the leading Workplace Innovation Platform, to develop and deliver your app fast.

It is daunting to take advice from others – or is it?
Check out what NORSULT can do for You!

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