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Product Type: Extensions

Price: US$ 999 developer license

Last updated: 10/18/2021

Language: English

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Read and write to all devices with a serial interface.

This plug-in enables FileMaker Pro to read and write to all devices with a serial port interface.

This plug-in lets a wide array of devices, from weighing scales to telephone switchboards, work directly with FileMaker Pro databases. With Troi Serial you can connect to multiple serial ports and read and write data to them all directly from FileMaker! The plug-in works with all types of serial ports including those added through an extension card or USB to Serial adapter. It uses FileMaker native script triggering, to get incoming data into the database. It can wait for a specific character string before triggering and has a function to temporarily suspend the incoming data stream and resume it when you are interested in the data.

The plug-in can open an unlimited number of serial ports and trigger different scripts for different ports. It supports high speed connections up to 230 Kbps and buffering of data up to 64k per port.

Troi Serial Plug-in has a debug function, making setup of databases a breeze. You can troubleshoot by testing the arrival of data at the serial port and you can test script triggering too. Troi Serial Plug-in can be reinitialized without quitting FileMaker Pro. This makes it possible to accommodate new or different serial ports dynamically, for example when you plug in a USB to Serial adapter.

What's New

Troi Serial Plug-in 7.0 was tested and made compatible with FileMaker Pro 19, up to and including FileMaker Pro 19.3. It adds a new new Serial_DelayMilliSeconds function, which will wait for the specified number of milliseconds. Use this for example if a serial device needs a bit of time to initialize. In this version we also added a new switch to the Serial_SetDirectInsert function: -ConvertBytesToNumbers. When data is directly inserted into the database all received bytes are first converted to their numeric value. The plug-in will for example insert “65 66 67 “, which would be Unicode “ABC”

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