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Last updated: 3/1/2019

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Data Management Software for Insurance Claims Professionals

Manage your claims, contacts, time, expenses and reports together in a single application.

WiP-IT is a data management system, designed BY insurance claims professionals,
FOR insurance claims professionals. From notification date to final invoice; manage all elements of your claim from within one secure application.

Improve your time efficiency and reduce human error by getting rid of the piles of paper and countless spreadsheets.

The key features include:

Companies - Inter-relational management of your address book
Contacts - Current & historical details of all your contacts
Projects - Control nominated projects & accounts relative to WIP
WiP Data - Keep key data in view & access all relevant details
Invoices - Speed up payment- Edit & issue invoices, with full T & E
Time - Track time for all activities billable or not
Expenses - Record all business & personal expenses. Cash-flow is vital
Reports - ABI & bespoke formatted reports to expedite output

Philofacts have developed two versions of the application enabling you to either collaborate with colleagues across the globe or work independently:

WiP-IT is our online primary data system that allows secure single- or multiple-user access to Data across various platforms wherever there's a data connection (WIFI or 4G). The system caters for as many as 500 users without modification. Levels of access to all users can be allocated as desired.

CAT-WiP is built on the same foundations as WiP-IT, but was designed for offline working, without being compromised by performance. It is intended specifically for claims-handlers, who, simply prefer it or who, due to communication restrictions, are forced to operate offline - e.g. in catastrophe situations.

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