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Product Type: Extensions

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Last updated: 2/10/2021

Language: English

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Leverage the RESTful FileMaker Data API with ease

Object-based PHP library developed to seamlessly interact with FileMaker Data API from within PHP.


Just create a new object, passing it necessary parameters to connect to the database, and use our easy to understand methods to access or modify your data. fmRESTor will take care of authentication, exceptions, logging, and even session preservation in order for your code to be a well-behaving client for the FileMaker Data API without you having to worry about these technical details.
We have created fmRESTor for ourselves to make it easier and faster to interact with FileMaker databases from within custom web apps we create, without having to waste our valuable time on repeating writing the same patterns over and over again, hunting for unnecessary bugs, and to be able to produce clean, easy to read and easy to maintain code.


We at 24U believe that the whole FileMaker developers community will benefit from the FileMaker Platform not only having new powerful RESTful API, but also developers using the API nicely and efficiently, therefore we decided to make our library available as Open Source, under the GNU LGPLv3 license.


One object class conveniently handles everything
Automatically generates authentication token
Re-uses existing token to avoid unnecessary additional connections
Automatically re-generates expired token
Handles exceptions and provides meaningful error results
Can handle raw form data for easier container uploads
Provides customizable debug logging
Simple way to run scripts and gather database information with FileMaker Server 18


PHP >= 5.6
FileMaker >= 17 database

What's New

We created fmRESTor.js as a second flavor of fmRESTor, to make it easier and faster to interact with FileMaker databases from within custom web apps we did not want to rely on intermediate PHP scripts hosted on a web server. Being able to easily interact with FileMaker Data API from within JavaScript makes the interaction much faster and suitable for projects like complex user interfaces used within a Web Viewer on a FileMaker layout.

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