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Last updated: 2/14/2018

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Transform Stress to Become More Calm, Balanced, & Productive

Stress Shifter is an easy to use App to transform stress into calmness, productivity, and resilience

Stress Shifter is based on the latest research from Neuroscience that confirms we have the power to mindfully reprogram our brain's neural pathways to learn new ways to respond to stressors in our work and life.

Stress Shifter is a web based app, built in FileMaker, that moves a user through four simple steps.

First, it helps identify our stressors and where in our body we are experiencing the stressful sensations related to these stressors.

Second, Stress Shifter helps us gain insights by conducting an inquiry to discover the underlying triggers that have set off the stress response system of fight, flight, and freeze.

Third, Stress Shifter helps users take responsibility for our triggers, so that we can choose new ways of responding to the stressor.

Fourth, Stress Shifter offers ways to take positive actions to address our stressor more creatively and return to a place of resilience, balance, and energy.

These four steps can be summarized as Facing, Focusing, Freeing and Flowing.

Stress Shifter has Coaching Tips
 on each page to more easily move through the stress shifting process.

There is an "Intro to Stress Shifter", which explains in more detail how it works, describes the five key Stress Shifter principles, and gives a brief tour of its features.

Stress Shifter is one tool of the KiBalance Well-Being Program designed to create an online support system to provide a safe place to transform stress into creativity each day. The KiBalance Well-Being Program will help you and your team become more calm, empowered, and healthy.

This program includes:
-daily practices to strengthen these new neural pathways to transform old brain stress producing patterns to achieve greater freedom, growth, and balance
-a secure place to collect results from using Stress Shifter and measure progress.
-a Stress Profile Quiz to help your team learn about possible imbalances and shifts to be more centered
-an Online Course to optimize brain/mind functioning, reduce chronic stress, tap hidden creative powers, and gain clarity on what is most important

Stress Shifter can be viewed in any Desktop or Mobile browser. Stress Shifter is also a FileMaker file, which can be made available to download and add on to any FileMaker solution.

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