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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Starting at $199 for single user Annual Licence

Last updated: 3/4/2020

Language: English

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FileMaker Developer Analysis Tool

BaseElements is a Database Design Report Analysis Tool. Find errors, unused elements and more.

"BaseElements does what no other FileMaker analysis tool does… it works like FileMaker." - Adam Aronson, FullCity Consulting, Inc

BaseElements is the analysis tool every FileMaker developer needs. It helps you check your code as you develop. BaseElements uses the Database Design Report to give you a FileMaker file listing all the details of your solution. So you can search, link, cross reference and analyse your solutions in full.

BaseElements processes the DDR to tell you what fields, functions, variables, plugin, scripts etc are used in your solution. Everything single piece of your solution is cross referenced and checked so you can see what's going on in your solution. It's like x-ray specs for FileMaker solutions.

You can find things that are broken and need fixing. You can locate all the unused items so you can do a cleanup. BaseElements alerts you to common warnings about your solution you may not be aware of, as well as pointing out performance issues you can consider addressing.

As BaseElements is a FileMaker file, you already know how to use it. Perform finds, open new windows, use GTRR using found set - all the functionality you learn using FileMaker is available to you when using BaseElements.

BaseElements includes a clip manager so you can store commonly used code that you've copied out of FileMaker itself. Just paste into BaseElements and it's added the code library. Plus you can copy out of BaseElements into FileMaker. Anything analysis you've run, perhaps going back years, can have Scripts, Objects, Functions and more copied from BE to your solution. BaseElements is the archive every developer needs.

As well as that BaseElements has the most valuable reporting capabilities of any developer tool. Use the Consolidation Report to get a listing of changes you need to do to merge two files in a solution.

Use the Changes Report to compare two versions of a solution, and two a graphic "diff" to highlight the individual code level changes with a complex script. Then just copy and paste the old or new versions of that code to the clipboard to paste directly into your solution.

The new ThemeBuilder report analyses an existing file using either the old Classic Theme, or a new Theme, but with individually styled objects, and generates a consolidated Theme you can copy and paste into your file. Then use BaseElements to style layout objects directly, replacing custom CSS with a named style. Working in bulk you can apply a named style to every single object on a layout with just a few clicks.

BaseElements works as either .fmp12 files, or a Mac or Windows Runtime. You can host it on FileMaker Server and have your entire workgroup use it at once.

With Annual and Perpetual licence options, BaseElements lets you match the licensing you're using for FileMaker, and is updated yearly with improvements that let you use the most recent FileMaker features on day 1 of a new release.

There's a 30 day trial, where you can try out every feature with no restrictions. And once you purchase just enter your new licence details and keep on working.

What's New

Version 18 adds support for all the new FileMaker Pro 18 features. Plus we've added the ability to sync your Clips to a central server to allow for shared code in a workgroup. As well there is a new Themebuilder report to consolidate all the styling used on layouts, and apply the new named Styles to objects just with copy and paste. The new statistics page lets you get an overall view of the solution in ways you previously couldn't. Plus a lot more small and useful additions.

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