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Product Type: Apps

Price: As low as $52 per month per user

Last updated: 7/5/2019

Language: English

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Project management software for the interior designers

Optional modules available for hospitality projects and firms that use QuickBooks

DesignSmart is a project management system for firms in the interior design industry. It is used by large national and international commercial firms as well as residential firms with as few as two designers. The base system includes the following modules and features:

Address Book
Client Deposits
Purchase Orders
Products Library
Alternative Bids
Cut Sheets
Revision Trackign
Time Tracking
Order Tracking
Task Tracking
Pick Lists

The base system also includes the DesignSmart Companion web extension. This extension is makes it easy to copy data from a vendor or manufacturer’s website and paste it into the extension. This data can then be saved to a project or as a product in DesignSmart.

DesignSmart is typically accessed via a browser, but it can also be accessed via FileMaker Pro.

Optional modules are available:
QuickBooks Connector - for firms that use either QuickBooks Online, Pro, Preimier or Enterprise. The module transfers data between DesignSmart and QuickBooks eliminating manual data entry, typos and delays.

Hospitality - for firms that work on hospitality module. This module includes a room matrix feature that an spec item can be assigned to multiple rooms and areas.

PresentSmart - is an iPad application that allows residential designers to make presentations to their clients.

In-House Hosting - While most DesignSmart clients will opt to have us host their data on one of our cloud servers, larger clients will typically opt to host DesignSmart on this own server.

What's New

DesignSmart is updated monthly with new features. In July, 2019 we released a new profitability tracking feature that makes it easy to track proposed, projected and actual profit margins.

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