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Last updated: 5/18/2018

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Graphical user interface for data migration in FileMaker

Use this graphical user interface to easily navigate FileMaker’s Data Migration tool.

The Soliant Simple Data Migration Tool provides a graphical user interface that simplifies the data migration tool released with FileMaker 17. If you don’t want to use the command line, this tool is for you. The Soliant tool is open-sourced, so you can use the existing scripting provides a framework to integrate into your FileMaker solution.

The tool also saves the output of the tool into a text field for your review. Here is some common output you may see in this log file:
· Matching source and target field by the name “FIELDNAME” and internal id
· Matching source field “FIELDNAME1” and target field “FIELDNAME2” by internal id
· No compatible target found for source field “FIELDNAME”
· No compatible source found for target field “FIELDNAME”
· User Accounts Migrated
· Serial Value Incrementation

FileMaker’s Data Migration Command Tool, provided as a part of the FileMaker Developer Subscription, attempts to first match fields between the two files by internal id and field name. The internal field id is generated based on the creation order by FileMaker. Therefore, if fields are created out of sequence in one file compared to another, Data Migration can still complete successfully.

This tool is ideal for large scale deployments or for recovering from a last known good backup. It provides a path to simplify and speed up the data migration process.

Tool Requirements:
BaseElements Plugin (free and open-source):

Read our blog post on the tool:

Watch our video demonstration of the tool:

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