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Product Type: Extensions

Price: $85 and up

Last updated: 6/19/2019

Language: English

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Scan and Generate Barcodes

CNS Barcode brings the power of barcodes to your database. You can both scan and generate barcodes.

CNS Barcode for FileMaker Pro is a plug-in that brings the power of barcodes to your FileMaker Solution. Like its sibling product, CNS Barcode for iOS (), this plug-in can both scan and generate barcodes. CNS Barcode can scan JPEG or PNG images containing barcodes or it can use an attached webcam to scan any barcodes held up to the camera. See the Barcode Formats section below for a complete listing of barcodes that can be scanned and/or generated.
Whether you already have products with barcodes or if you want to start using barcodes to track your assets, CNS Barcode is easy to set up and use. If you need to create barcodes, the CNSBC_Generate function will take any data you have in your database and create either a PNG image or a vector image in EPS or SVG format of the barcode type of your choosing. You can then print out and affix the barcodes to the objects you need to track. When you need to scan one of your barcodes, the CNSBC_ScanWindow function will bring up a video preview of your webcam for you to see what you are scanning. When the plug-in recognizes the barcode, it will use one of three actions that you define. It can close the scanning window and return the barcode data to the script that opened the window; it can call a script in your database and pass it the barcode data; or it can set a field in your database with the barcode data. Unlike the first action, the script calling and field setting actions leave the scanning window open for you to scan more barcodes.

What's New

New Requirements: Mac: 10.9+, 64-bit; Win: Vista+, .NET 4.5, MSVC++ 2017. New iOS version. New Installer. Plug-in is now signed for FileMaker Pro/Server 18. Fixed an issue with passing a file path to ScanImage function. Generate function now adds the barcode type and value information to the container that can be extracted with GetContainerAttribute. Fixed an issue where recent versions of FileMaker were not displaying the correct barcode image stored in the container. Renamed VersionAutoUpdate function to VersionNumber to reflect the times.

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