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Product Type: Extensions

Price: $65 and up

Last updated: 6/4/2019

Language: English

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Transfer files to and from an FTP server

FTPit Pro allows you to transfer files to and from your computer from any FTP server.

FTPit Pro is a FileMaker® plug-in which allows you to transfer files to and from your computer using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This plug-in is designed to be easy to use for anyone familiar with FileMaker Pro Calculations and does not require you to learn any sort of scripting language. You can use this plug-in to back up files to a remote server, update static web pages, or completely recreate an FTP client within FileMaker Pro.
Here are a few of the many features of FTPit Pro:
• Upload and Download single files.
• Upload and Download entire directories.
• Upload text directly from a field or download text directly into a field.
• Upload files from container fields.
• Get information like size and timestamp from any local or remote file.
• Get directory listings of any local or remote directory.
• Queue up multiple transfers and let the plug-in handle them in the background while you continue your work.
• Make use of several functions to manipulate files and directories on the local machine.
• And much more...

What's New

New Requirements: Mac: 10.9+, 64-bit; Win: Vista+, .NET 4.5, MSVC++ 2017. New iOS Version. New Installer. Plug-in is now signed. Added support for specifying SSH public/private key files. Fixed issues with getting the initial remote directory. Fixed issues with listing files on some ftp servers. Updated with latest CNS Core changes. Other small bug fixes.

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