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Product Type: Apps

Price: Starting at $99/month/user with $999 setup.

Last updated: 7/19/2019

Language: English

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All-In-One Construction ERP

Construction management and accounting software for self-performing commercial subcontractors.

Designed for self-performing construction subcontractors, TRUE provides an all-in-one solution for your entire team. Cloud based and accessed via a browser, TRUE is everywhere you are. Specially designed mobile apps, TRUE Go, TRUE Time, and TRUE Field are available on both Apple and Android too.

TRUE helps win jobs. Manage your company’s sales leads and opportunities. Assign prospects to your sales team for follow-up, track their activities, and store notes. Create quotes for your clients quickly using either our built-in pricing database or use one of our integrations that imports items from other take-off software. Generate beautiful proposals for your bids using our built-in proposal configurator. Signatures can either be captured by fingertip if using a mobile device or can be captured digitally through our eSign feature on any computer. Then, track all active quotes and related documentation in our Bids module, preventing your team from ever missing a due date again.

TRUE helps manage projects. Ditch the filing cabinet and digitally log all your Submittals, Change Orders, RFIs and Releases thanks to our document storage features. Create a robust budget with cost code breakdown while linking everything to your schedule of values. Track insurance, vendor quotes, punch list tasks, subcontracts, milestones, weather, and warranties. Know what’s happening on the jobsite with daily jobsite reports, integrated time clock data, and recently uploaded pictures with built-in image markup.

TRUE helps manage your team. Send and receive alert notifications and reminders. Create work tickets for your jobs, giving your team detailed instructions on what to do. Print them out or assign them digitally to be viewed with our phone app. Ditch the paper timesheets in favor of our GPS-enabled time clock. Access it from your desk, tablet or phone. Allow your crews to quickly and easily punch in and out of jobs, work tickets, facilities, etc. Lose the white board by taking advantage of our robust, customizable built-in calendar and scheduling tools. Easily track all available resources, and share schedules with the field using our mobile apps. Simplify complex scheduling issues with email and text field notifications, dispatch mapping, certification tracking and more.

TRUE helps procure and handle materials. Create Purchase Orders from material lists for each job. Digitally send to vendors and link vendor quotes. Track multiple jobs plus stock purchases on each PO. Scan items to receive, create barcode labels, track backorders, and problems. Manage stock and reserved inventory, location tracking, pick ticket and job staging workflows. Setup routes with multiple stops, auto-optimize the best route, and digitally handle your shipments without the use of paper.

TRUE helps manage assets. Know who’s in which vehicle, where each tool is located at, and when rental equipment is due. Receive alerts for equipment maintenance, insurance, and registration due dates. Job cost the time equipment is used to limit overhead expenditures.

TRUE helps track your finances. Use the built-in TRUE Accounting suite or integrate with QuickBooks. Generate invoices, statements, and pay applications by percent complete, time & material, or amounts. Calculate retainage, generate AIA style documentation, and store commencement notices and lien releases as needed. Store vendor bills, reconcile them against purchase orders, and job cost your material expenditures. Collect receipts from the field using our mobile apps and track them with our credit card reconciliation procedure. Pre-process payroll including prevailing wage calculations. Download bank account transactions automatically, cut checks, post entries, and generate financial reports. Know what’s happening on all of your jobs with work-in-process analysis integrated with our job costing system.

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What's New

Version 18.0.2, released July 19, 2019, includes both new features and bug fixes. Inventory can now be bundled with unique labels for easier scanning. Email body text can now be preset for a variety of forms when sending from TRUE. Users can now be restricted from view quotes, jobs, and purchases based on their assigned division or facility. Field crews can now receive automated text alerts when they’re assigned to a new work ticket. Order line items can be set to recur and auto-invoice monthly, quarterly, or annually. Applying down payments to final invoices has been improved.

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