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Product Type: Templates

Price: $599 for a site license. Vertical Market licenses available.

Last updated: 6/23/2019

Language: English

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Google Maps as FileMaker Layouts & Scripts

ProMaps feels like just another view in your solution: add FileMaker fields and buttons to your maps


ProMaps lets you configure the display so you’re seeing fields and images from your FileMaker records on a filterable Google Map. Our integration instructions will show you how to paste this into your file and point it at the records you’d like to see on the map.


Map a found set - Perform an ad hoc find on the list view and send that found set to the map. ProMaps will use that found set as the starting point for any filters or searching.

Routing - Create routes and direction for up to 23 addresses (plus your start and end addresses). Or click on any pin on the map to get directions from your current location.

Shape-search- Constrain the map using circles or polygons to select the pins you’re interested in: ProMaps will change the found set to reflect your selection.

Enhanced filters - The filters in ProMaps are set up as checkboxes, so they support multiple values out of the box: creating new filters of your own is easy.

What's New

Latest build fixes an issue with the street-view and zoom button labels showing offset. It also adds support for FileMaker 18 version-specific FMP URLs (will also work with future versions).

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