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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Starts at $429

Last updated: 3/19/2019

Language: English

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Zulu syncs FileMaker to Apple, Google, & Exchange Calendar

FileMaker calendar integration with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Exchange Calendar

Publish FileMaker Events to all of your calendars!
Zulu integrates with FileMaker Server to publish FileMaker event records to iOS, OS X, Google, Exchange and Office 365 calendars. Zulu is easier to install than ever. There are no scripts to edit or files to modify. Simply run the installer, walk through the configuration process and publish your calendar.

Edit FileMaker Events on your mobile device!
iOS, Android, Windows Phone - Zulu supports them all. Simply subscribe to the calendar published by Zulu and instantly view and edit your FileMaker event data. Zulu event respect’s FileMaker’s record-locking, preventing conflicting changes!

Keep all of your calendars in sync!
With Zulu, there are no scripts to run after editing records and no need to manually keep multiple calendar applications and FileMaker in sync. Simply subscribe to the Zulu calendar and instantly your calendar is reading FileMaker records from the server - just like another FileMaker client.

/// NEW IN ZULU 4! ///

* Implemented Autodiscovery for Apple Calendars
* Added one click subscriptions to publish page
* Rewrote publish page and publishing process entirely inside of FileMaker
* Implemented Apple Reminders support for Zulu
* Added support for timestamp and proximity alarms for Apple Reminders
* Added some placeholders for minStartDate in Zulu Admin Console

What's New

We have recently added support for Apple Reminders, it is easier to onboard new users with a one click URL calendar subscription, drive all calendars from FileMaker, and support for minimum start date with Exchange and Google calendars so you don't need to worry about ancient events crowding your FileMaker solution!

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