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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Starting at $149

Last updated: 5/18/2021

Language: English

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The versatile plugin for FileMaker.

The MBS Plugin is easily the most powerful plug-in available for FileMaker today.

There are over 6,500 functions that allow FileMaker developers to extend their solutions in some amazing ways. Each function does a little task and in their combination you can unleash the full power of our plugin. MBS Plugin supports FileMaker Pro, Advanced, Server, Runtime, Cloud and iOS SDK. To learn how to use them together, please check our reference and our more than 500 example databases.

e.g. scan a document from your scanner, do OCR, create a PDF with text and upload to Amazon S3, SFTP to store in an container. Receive or send emails, even batch send newsletters. Process PDF documents to convert them to PDF/A, create digital invoices (ZUGFeRD 2.0 or Factur-X), sign or restrict PDF usage.

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