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Product Type: Templates

Price: Starting at $999

Last updated: 10/31/2019

Language: English

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The smart way to manage your entire company

Unlocked FileMaker Template for your Custom App starting point or management of your business.

Benroy Business App’s key features:

- CRM: Organise your whole business in one place.

- Contacts and Companies management

- Calendars and activities: Individual or multi-user calendars.

- Activity Sets: Ideal feature for a perfect business process management. Prepare activity sets (Event and/or Task) and assign them easily to a Contact, Project or Sales Lead.

- Projects, Tasks and Purchase orders: Project module allows you to define projects, tasks, and roles, track project activity; assign tasks to individuals or groups; prepare purchase orders and estimates; quickly prepare invoices and track project expenses.

- Sales management and Quotes/Proposals: Track your leads and prospects, quickly prepare quote/proposal and send it to the customer. When leads are won with one click create project and track process later on.

- Product catalog, Warehouses and Inventory management: Store all your products and services, manage its prices, prepare beautiful catalogs and price-lists directly for customers. Manage multi warehouses, reorder levels, quantity on hand, etc.

- Invoices and Expenses: overview of all the buying and selling activities, all in one place. Convenient billing and mailing to customers. Calculate the cost of goods or services easily.

- Document management: Secure document storage means everyone has access to the information they need and no one can overwrite another user’s updates. Link documents to any module within the application.

- Dashboard & Reports: Dashboard will show current business status and CrossTab reports let you slice you business data in the way you like it. Chosen data can be printed, saved as PDF or exported to Excel.Integration with Google Calendar and Mailchimp.

- Integration with Google Calendar and Mailchimp.

- iPad version: All modules are prepared for using with the iPad.

- Multi-platform support: Whether you have PC or Mac computers and need a solution that works seamlessly in all platforms, including iPads for technicians and project teams or sales reps at remote locations.

- Flexible purchase and support models: Run it on your server OR host it on PCI’s servers.
Customize and Expand: Using our development services, you can customize and expand modules and features within the application. Adjust and adapt to the growing workflow and project demands.

What's New

Benroy v. 18.107__ (Released on October 31st, 2019). NEW FEATURES: 1. Added an option to add, edit, delete Notes for different type of activity in People, Companies, Projects, Leads, Invoices, Expenses and Documents. Activity types by default could be chosen as Call, Email, Message, Document, Print or general Note. 2. Notes can be sent via Email or SMS with a click. (SMS sending works on Mac only). IMPROVEMENTS: 1. Improved the user’s privilege set so the user could see (edit or delete) based on the Owner field, not the Account created. 2. Some UI improvements for more pleasant feeling of use.

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