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Last updated: 1/15/2020

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FileMaker and Word, PDF, OCR, and Excel plugin - all in one!

Integrate FileMaker with Word, Excel, and PDF documents. Now with NEW FileMaker OCR functionality.

360Works Scribe is the ultimate document automation plug-in for FileMaker; it allows integration with Word, Excel, and PDF documents. In the new Scribe 4 release, we now provide the ability to read your scanned documents, such as receipts, forms, or contract PDF files, with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality. Additionally, we added features to allow you to merge PDFs and get meta-data from them, plus multiple fixes for existing functionality in Scribe.

Feature Overview -

FileMaker and PDF Integration:
-Retrieve text from PDF files and form, including retrieval of values from PDF form fields
-Add images or append images and text to PDF files
-Insert new pages into PDF files
-Secure PDF files with encryption and password protection

FileMaker and Excel Integration:
-Retrieve data from any cell or range in the Excel file
-Write data to any cell
-Add images to Excel table cells
-Retrieve cell metadata: cell comments, background color, rows and columns in a range

FileMaker and Word Document Integration:
-Find and replace text in Word documents
-Populate forms built with content control fields
-Read and write data to tables in Word
-Add or append images

360Works Scribe can extract searchable text from just about any kind of document:
Let's say that you're storing documents in FileMaker. You can store the documents in a container (or SuperContainer), but how will your user be able to search for the documents? The answer is Scribe. It will extract all of the human-readable text from any Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, RTF file, or even JPEG metadata. This text can then be stored in a searchable, indexed field in FileMaker so that your users can search for any document based on its contents!

360Works Scribe can do powerful processing on text fields in your FileMaker database:
*Scribe can visually show you what text was changed. Let's say that you're storing proposals or contract text in FileMaker. FileMaker can tell you when it was last changed, and who changed it, but it can't tell you exactly what the changes were. For that, you need Scribe!

*Scribe can highlight text within a text field. With Scribe, you can do Google Cache-style text highlighting. This could be based on a user's search term, or any other criteria. This function is not case-senstive, which means it will highlight words even if the capitalization does not exactly match. For advanced users, you can use regular-expression type matching to highlight any text pattern, not just matching words. For example, you could [highlight all text in square brackets], or all valid email address, or all hyperlinks, or anything else.

*Scribe can find text patterns. If you're familiar with regular expressions, you can use Scribe to find every occurrence of a text pattern, and return it as a FileMaker value list. You could use this feature to scan text fields for postal codes, email addresses, web sites, order numbers, or any other type of text value. You can also combine this with text replacement to modify the original text. Use this feature to strip out HTML code or blank out credit card / social security numbers.

What's New

Version 4 (1/15/2020): * Added OCR Functionality, extract text from documents. * Added ScribePDFMerge, allowing two pdf files to merge together in container * Added ScribePDFSplice, allowing a multi-page pdf to be split up into smaller pdfs * Added ScribeGetPDFAttributes, returning various meta-data about a pdf, including page count

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