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Last updated: 5/14/2019

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Store Files - A Better Container Field in FileMaker

The easiest way to upload, view, and download files to and from any FileMaker database

SuperContainer is the easiest way to upload, view, and download files to and from any FileMaker database, plus it offers numerous advantages over FileMaker's built-in container field: faster speeds, smaller file sizes, web browser uploads, and cross-platform file path compatibility.

//Who needs SuperContainer?//

*Legal firms: Store all of your legal documents and Microsoft Office files, using the revision control feature to keep a copy of every version.
*Photography studios, creative agencies, and marketing departments: Finally achieve web-accessible, neatly organized storage for all of your clients and projects, with no size limitations. Let SuperContainer automatically generate web-optimized thumbnails from the hi-res files for web access, instead of creating thumbnail versions yourself.
*Printing companies and web developers: Use the web upload feature of SuperContainer to let your clients upload files to your site.
*GIS, cartographers, architects, and scientific researchers: Store terabytes of digital images, maps, floorplans, and data samples without bogging down FileMaker.
*Anyone that needs to store large documents and images in a multi-user environment.

//How does SuperContainer work?//

SuperContainer is a Java servlet which allows you to upload, view, and download images and files from a web server. By using the Web Viewer layout object in FileMaker, it can be embedded directly into your FileMaker layouts and the Web Publishing Engine (WPE), giving the appearance and behavior of a container field. Installation couldn't be easier - just download and double-click, and your SuperContainer server is running.

//Is it a plugin?//

SuperContainer is an application that you run on the server, not a plugin. You do not need to install plugins on your users computers to use SuperContainer; it uses the Web Viewer feature built into FileMaker. However, we do include an optional plugin to allow you to access the contents of SuperContainer data in your calculations and scripts.

//How does it differ from container fields introduced in FileMaker 12?//

SuperContainer is a customized container, built for web. Both SuperContainer and FileMaker 12 and higher offer storage outside of FileMaker solutions, thumbnails, and smaller file sizes, but SuperContainer allows for customized and complete flexibility of the file location and structure. SuperContainer can also be deployed on any computer for users who desire dedicated storage resources. SuperContainer also offers easy file uploads from the web, simple browser access to files, compatibility for legacy solutions, PHP, and Java and more. Please note that FileMaker 12+ containers do support uploads from FileMaker Go, which are not currently supported in SuperContainer. FileMaker 12+ containers also work well in a single user environment, where SuperContainer requires the application to be installed on a server.

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