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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Free

Last updated: 5/14/2019

Language: English

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Make your own plugins

Includes file manipulation, URL and network utilities, shell scripting, encryption, and much more

ScriptMaster is a modular plugin, which means that instead of installing all 80+ plugin functions, you use a FileMaker file that comes with ScriptMaster to select which modules you wish to register. Once the modules are registered, they appear in your list of FileMaker functions.

In addition to the many existing modules that come free with ScriptMaster, 360Works is available to create custom modules suited to your specific needs. In addition, if you are familiar with Java, you can create your own expansion modules, although you do not need to know Java in order to use the many free modules that come with ScriptMaster.

*Also available - ScriptMaster Advanced for $95*

ScriptMaster Advanced includes all of the features of ScriptMaster, with new features for developers:

-Easily generate your own branded plugins. Making plugins with ScriptMaster Advanced is easy! Just check which modules you want, click the "Make Plugin" button, and you've got a plugin with all of your favorite modules pre-compiled into it! You can distribute this generated plugin royalty-free with all of your custom solutions.

-Direct access to the FileMaker clipboard, allowing you to read clipboard contents at runtime. You can even modify the clipboard items and then push the modified versions back onto the clipboard!

-Direct access to the FileMaker SQL engine with ScriptMaster Advanced, which allows you to execute SQL commands directly from any script.

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