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Last updated: 5/14/2019

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SQL Access with JDBC Compatibility

Allows execution of arbitrary SQL statements on one or more JDBC databases

The 360Works JDBC plugin for FileMaker Pro allows execution of arbitrary SQL statements on one or more JDBC databases, iterating result sets, and importing from any database which supports the JDBC protocol.

//Access JDBC-compatible databases from FileMaker//

If you have an external SQL database which you need to integrate with your FileMaker solution, try out our JDBC plugin. It even works with Filemaker runtime solutions. You do not need to know anything about Java to use JDBC with FileMaker - we do all of that in the plugin.

//Advantages over ODBC//

*Supports reading and writing container/BLOB data to other databases
*Does not require the initial setup on a per-client basis that ODBC necessitates, all you need is the location of a JDBC driver
*Embed the JDBC driver .jar directly into a container field, or load it from a URL
*Access result data directly from scripting engine, or via data import (ODBC only supports import)

The JDBC Plugin supports more than just reading from an SQL database. You can call INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE commands as well. An interesting idea for using the JDBC plugin is to create a calculation field which calls an UPDATE statement, passing in several fields from your FileMaker table. Any time these fields are triggered, the calculation will be fired, and the executeSQL function will be invoked, passing in your new value to the database! No scripts are required for this to work.

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