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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Pricing starts at $500/yr for a single QBO Account. 10 QBO accounts $1000/yr. 25 accounts $1500/yr

Last updated: 6/1/2018

Language: English

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Keep your Quickbooks Online account in sync with your app

LedgerLink is the easiest way to keep your QBO account and your FileMaker app in sync.

LedgerLink is pure FileMaker. It is built to easily keep your Quickbooks Online account in sync with your accounting information in your FileMaker app. LedgerLink can be your complete accounting system, or you can use it only for its syncing engine between QBO and your FileMaker app.

The starter solution has Invoices, Customers, Items, Payments, POs, and Vendors, plus all utility tables like Payment Methods, Terms and Accounts in place and ready to go. Additionally LedgerLink includes a fully functioning dashboard of invoices and sales receipts.

The whole API is there for you to use, but you also get a full FileMaker based sync engine that already knows how to track changes and keep things up to date.

Since it is pure FileMaker, you have complete control over the scripting and the fields and tables. The app installs in just a few minutes, and you can get started right away with the syncing. And of course you can create your own new scripts and customize those that are included.

LedgerLink is the simplest way to keep your financial data in sync.

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