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Price: $299.00 One Time

Last updated: 8/1/2017

Language: English

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Track student academic & tuition for K-12 and Trade Schools

Manage student information, grading, attendance, activities and tuition/payment ledger.

Application Overview:
Student Tracker is designed for fee based private or trade schools, and offers the following feature sets:
• Applicant information, evaluation, documents and acceptance
• Student information, grading, attendance, health records, transcripts/report cards
• Track student extra-curricular activities and awards
• Staff/Teacher information, classes, rosters, documents and notes
• Course information, class rosters, grading and reporting
• Donations tracking and giving statements
• Reports and tuition statements
• Student Tracker is sold completely unlocked to allow customizations per your specifications.

Compu-Books offers development services and support on an hourly basis.
Initial Setup:

Getting started with Student Tracker is easy!
• Setup School information and school year in the Settings area
• Setup Staff/Teacher information under the ‘Staff’ area
• Setup Courses/Classes, assigning to teachers
• Start adding existing students, and assign classes to the students
• Start adding new applicants and enrolling them

Student Attendance and Academic Grades:
• Attendance can be entered as a total monthly value comparing total days possible, and actual
attendance to provide a ‘days absent’ value
• Grading can be entered on the Course roster, or individually on Student records
• Attendance reports and student transcripts or report cards can be printed
Student Financial Ledger:
• Tuition and other fees can be manually entered on each student ledger, and tuition can be
posted to student ledgers with one click in the Settings area
• Payments can be entered manually on each student record, to show a current ‘balance’
visible on the Student record
• Print one or all Billing Statements for each student account in the Reports menu

Donor Tracking:
• Create donor records and track donations for individuals or companies
• Print ‘Giving Statements’ for donor giving for any date range

Many reports are available for student lists by grade, by year, by class, etc. Class rosters,
billing statements, report cards & transcripts. All reports can be customized as needed.

Compu-Books offers development, training and support for Student Tracker on an hourly basis.
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