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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Projects start at $6,400 with $1,800 annual hosting cost

Last updated: 8/1/2019

Language: English

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Enterprise Grade FileMaker Data API

Cloud hosted middleware gateway for the Data API that increases stability, performance and security.

BrilliantGateway is a cloud hosted middleware gateway for the FileMaker Data API that increases stability, performance and security whole allowing anonymous and externally authenticated users to access a solution via web browsers and mobile applications.

FileMaker Data API Middleware as a Service (MWaaS)
Stable – Modern, restful interface for client side applications, mobile apps, and vendors / partners. Transforms requests to/from FileMaker server, insulating against breaking changes and FileMaker specifics.
Scalable – Handles the load while FileMaker Server handles your data and business logic. Can significantly reduce server load using request pooling, avoiding failed login attempts, and shifting authentication to the gateway. Runs on a public cloud to provide manual or auto scaling based on demand.
Secure – Shield FileMaker server from attacks, bad actors, and other hazards. Useful for situations such as HIPAA where data security and audit logging are critical. Credentials and configurations are stored encrypted at rest.
Versionable – Maintain different versions of your API that talk to different layouts in FileMaker. Updating endpoint configurations can be done remotely via API call.
Think of BrilliantGateway as an enterprise grade FileMaker Data API.
Additional benefits:
BrilliantGateway allows the creation of fully RESTful custom API endpoints that match the objects in your FileMaker solution and that makes sense to web and mobile developers.
Authenticate users with standard corporate credentials like Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, or any OAuth or SAML capable identity provider.
Custom user directories based on any FileMaker table can be maintained via a fmFlare service.
Single user, role based users, and FileMaker passthrough authentication models are supported.
Need to migrate away from FileMaker? BrilliantGateway’s backend can be integrated into any API to provide a seamless transition without changing any client application code.
Simplified API calls. For example:
Standard Data API…
BrilliantGateway API…
Putting BrilliantGateway in front of your FileMaker server makes it easier to write brilliant custom web and native apps that make use of the information in your FileMaker database, without limitations.
Currently, BrilliantGateway is only available from LuminFire as part of a custom software project. Licensing costs vary based on specific requirements and traffic levels.

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