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Last updated: 10/18/2017

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Generate shipping labels and tracking numbers for carriers.

Learn how to integrate FileMaker with a global network of carriers via Shippo.

There are many carriers across the globe and having nearly all to your disposal from a single company is advantageous. Many businesses want the ability to ship orders directly out of FileMaker. We commonly recommend Shippo, an all-in-one web API that allows you to pay for and generate shipping labels and tracking numbers on the fly.

The Problem
We find that many customers are managing all of their orders inside of FileMaker and all of their shipments in a third-party (sometimes online) solution. This is a very resource intensive workflow and causes a big time waster: double-data entry. Just imagine entering in every single customer’s information into FileMaker and then into a third-party solution. Typing (or copy-pasting) two pairs of shipping and billing addresses just seems barbaric, right? If you are in a similar situation right now, we have a solution (keep reading)!

The Solution
In a perfect world, you would be able to create an order and generate a shipping label all from one screen within FileMaker and only type the customer’s information once. Well, we like to think that this perfect world already exists! That’s where Shippo and it’s powerful and robust API comes in. With built-in JSON and cURL functions in FileMaker, we can natively integrate with Shippo. All you need to do to get started is sign up for Shippo, set up your shipping options, grab your API keys, and then integrate with FileMaker. It’s super easy and we will show you how to do it below.

Benefits of using Shippo
Shipping Fees: Need to save money and ship all over the world? Cha-ching! Shippo is very affordable and only charges you for shipping cost + $0.05.
Tracking Numbers: Want to provide tracking numbers and links to your customers? You can do it! Shippo provides tracking numbers at no charge.
Shipping Carriers: USPS? FedEx? UPS? No problem! Shippo allows you to integrate with a long list of providers at no charge.
eCommerce: Have an existing eCommerce website? Good news! Shippo integrates with today’s popular eCommerce platforms.
Integration: Itching to start generating shipping labels today? Get to work! Shippo is a very lightweight implementation and uses only native FileMaker with 6 scripts.

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