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Product Type: Extensions

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Last updated: 9/9/2020

Language: English

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The most widely used free FileMaker plugin.

A free and open source plugin to add a huge range of extra functions to FileMaker.

The BaseElements Plugin is a free and open source plugin that adds functionality to your FileMaker solution by adding extra functions you can call, to do things that FileMaker currently doesn't do.

So you can add functionality to do things in FileMaker like :

HTTP and FTP : run HTTP through cURL and do FTP commands too.

Dialogs : Show progress, barber pole and regular dialogs.

Files : manipulate files and folders on disk and ask the user for selections.

PDFs : Get page counts, append PDFs and split PDFs.

SMTP : Send email, with attachments and HTML formatting.

XML, XSLT, and XPath : perform translations, get data from XML.

Compression : Run zip and Gzip and alter the compression on containers.

ValueLists : Sort, filter and more that FileMaker doesn't do.

Preferences : Get and Set in the correct users preferences folder.

Clipboard : Get and Set in both text and binary.

Arrays : Store data in an array data type.

Containers : manipulate container fields to change types and get formats.

Variables : Set Application wide variables.

Regular Expressions : run regex.

Stack : build a LIFO stack variable.

Plus lots more including encoding and encryption, JavaScript, SQL and more.

The BaseElements Plugin is the place that sets the future direction of the FileMaker platform functionality. Since we released our first version in 2008, we've created functionality that has gone on to be a core part of the FileMaker platform. JSON, InsertFromURL, File manipulation, ValueList sorting and more have come into the product.

In 2017 we were recognised with the FileMaker Excellent Award for Innovation for all the work that we've been doing in this area.

And you can take advantage of this today in your own FileMaker solutions.

The BaseElements Plugin runs in FileMaker Pro on Mac and Windows, on iOS in the FileMaker Go SDK and in Linux on FileMaker Server for AWS.

Our plugin will always be free, and there is no registration or licencing required to use it.

If you would like support for the plugin, please consider taking up a paid support and sponsorship option.

What's New

Correct an issue where the plugin did not load under Windows 7. Update to Poco 1.9.2

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