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Last updated: 6/6/2019

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Customisable Web Services for FileMaker Server

RESTfm turns your FileMaker Server data into a customisable and extendable Web Service.

RESTfm is the most customisable way to allow other applications to access your FileMaker Server files via RESTful Web Services. Consider it like the Data API on steroids. If the Data API can't do what you want then it's like that RESTfm can.

RESTfm is open source PHP code, that runs either within the PHP install that FileMaker Server can install, or on any Web Server that supports PHP, including IIS and Apache on Mac or Linux.

RESTfm gives you full Create, Read, Update and Delete ( CRUD ) operations on FileMaker Server hosted data via standard HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods. You can choose from a default set of installed data types, such as JSON, XML, text, csv, HTML and more. Plus you can easily write your own data formats and build whatever custom interface you need.

RESTfm allows you to use standard FMS Privileges for client access credentials so your authentication works the same way as it does for the rest of your solution. On top of the standard authentication you can also choose to configure API keys so you can link a unique key to a set of login details.

RESTfm is free and open source, so you can see the code and download it today. You can get up and running in a matter of minutes with no registration and no restrictions on usage.

For those who need support, there is a paid support and sponsorship option at $199 per annum for individuals and $399 for companies. The support option allows you access to email support, as well as a shared folder of code samples and tools.

RESTfm works with FileMaker Server 11 and later via PHP Web Publishing, running on a Mac with Apache or Windows with IIS 7 or later.

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