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Price: As low as $20/mo/user with 12 month paid subscription

Last updated: 7/1/2019

Language: English

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Helping Leaders & Teams Get more done & be more successful.

Helps Leaders get organized. Tasks, Delegated Tasks, Meeting Agendas & Supporting Materials.

LeaderFulcrum helps leaders organize their work like no other tool. It is built specifically for the work of office based leaders and teams.

We think executive and leader work falls in two categories.
1) The mechanical aspects of organizing tasks, delegating work, planning agendas and running meetings.
2) The creative, critical thinking, planning, culture development, relationship building etc.

To spend more time on the creative part, leaders need to efficiently and effectively take care of the mechanical activities - and that is where we can help.

Best practices are known, but often they are not followed. LeaderFulcrum is specifically built to support best practices for these mechanical aspects and free up time for creative, high level, high impact, activities.

Mechanically, office based leaders accomplish their work by 1) managing their own long list of tasks, 2) delegating work and (and this is important) ensuring follow through, 3) organizing meaningful meeting agendas, conducting efficient and effective meetings and ensuring resulting task assignments are completed. 4) being well prepared for the meetings others organize, so organizing supporting materials, such as pre-read assignments, is important. LeaderFulcrum helps with all these things.

Of course there are many other factors that make a leader and team effective. But, being well organized, being able to focus the efforts of an entire team, having clear assignments, running effective meetings these are all things that will help any leader and team to be more effective and therefore more successful.

This tool was designed to quickly put everything an executive needs at their finger tips.
Think it, Capture it, Assigned it, Forget it.
Clear your mind of details and move on to the important stuff - let the system remind you when it’s time to verify follow through.

Of course it is multi-user so if you update something, other authorized users see that update.
Of course you can control who can see what because some information is confidential.
Of course there are multiple ways for your Executive Assistant or Project Manager to help you.
Of course users can also jump around freely, because that’s they way we work. We jump from task to task, from thought to thought.

Two demonstration videos and a “what we do” video are on our website.

Detailed instructional videos are available to those who enroll for a trail period or paid subscription.

The tool can be used by a single user with great benefit.
Better yet, add your Administrative Assistant and allow them to take more off your plate.
Best of all, bring a whole team and their Assistants on and really get the team pulling together.

Subscription includes encrypted and secure cloud based hosting.

Activation and setup is quick and easy.

A free 45 day trial is available. No credit card is needed for the Free Trial.

To start a Trail or Subscription, go to our website, click “Log In”, click “Sign Up”, provide your name, email address, company name, click “Request 45 Day Free Trial”, create a password, and agree to the Terms of Use Agreement”, click on “Sign Up”.

LeaderFulcrum runs on Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone.

As exhibited/ at:
The Administrative Professionals Conference, New Orleans, September 22-23, 2019
The Project Management Institute PMI Global Conference, Philadelphia, October 5-7, 2019
Becker’s Hospital Review, Healthcare IT & Revenue Cycle Conference, Chicago, October 9-11, 2019

What's New

The multi-user version is now available. Cloud based, encrypted & secure.

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