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Product Type: Apps

Price: Single-User: US$300 per year. Multi-User US$300/user/year. Includes cloud hosting and FileMaker licenses for users.

Last updated: 9/1/2022

Language: English

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For Executives, Directors, PMs Get organized, sharpen focus

For Executives, Directors & PMs. Get organized. Run better meetings. Improve task follow thru.

I am an executive and three applications are open on my desktop all day, every day: email, calendars and LeaderFulcrum!

LeaderFulcrum is a tool built for the unique challenges faced by executive leaders and leadership teams.

It is designed for people who get work done through Meetings and task assignments. People who have to track many initiatives and can’t afford to drop anything. People who delegate work to others. People who are tired of ineffective, time wasting meetings and a lack continuity and follow through. People who want agenda planning to be easier and more effective. For people who need to carry initiatives through multiple individual and group reviews in order to get them approved and completed. For people that want to Get More Done.

Meeting: Helps you run more effective meetings. Makes agenda planning easier. Improves meeting continuity and follow through. The individualized Meeting Dashboard provides visibility and easy access to each user’s agendas, minutes, task assignments and supporting materials with optional read-by deadlines. It gets everyone on the same page. Meeting minutes are generated on demand so progress on task assignments is always current. It Improves accountability, collaboration and engagement. It focuses the whole team on the highest priorities. Your office calendaring system is great for scheduling but there is a lot more to running effective meetings than the time and place.

Tasks: Makes Task tracking easy. Track your work, work assigned to others and meeting assignments all in one place. Ensures timely completion of task assignments. Captures status updates. Reduces stress and increases focus on your highest priorities. Improves accountability and follow through. With the guided periodic review feature, nothing falls through the cracks. Improves accountability and engagement. For Leaders and Project Managers who need to get things done. The multi-user capabilities enable collaboration and reduce redundant work.

Best Practices: LeaderFulcrum enables best practices for effective task management and meetings that work. It makes planning, execution and follow through easier. It improves focus, coordination and accountability so more gets done.

LeaderFulcrum was inspired in part by David Allen's book “Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity” and supports the methods described in his book.

Single or Multi-User: LeaderFulcrum can be used by a single individual, a leader and their administrative assistant or a leadership team with or without their assistants. The Multi-User design includes the ability to control information privacy and sharing in a way that requires little effort.

Get organized. Stay focused. Reduce stress. Run better meetings. Improve task follow through. Get More Done.

More information, including brief demonstration videos, is on our website, www.LeaderFulcrum.com. Detailed instructional videos are available to those who enroll for a free trail period or paid subscription.

Your subscription includes encrypted, secure, cloud based hosting and FileMaker license(s).

Activation and setup are quick and easy.

A free 45 day trial is available. No credit card is needed for the Free Trial.

To start a free trail or subscription, go to our website, click “Log In”, click “Sign Up”…

LeaderFulcrum runs on Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone.

What's New

September 2022, Release 2.8 with some great meeting enhancements that make following up on agenda topics and task assignments easy. And the Task tool includes a guided periodic review process that saves you time and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

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