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Product Type: Apps

Price: User Subscription available for $25/per mo per user -or- Site License available for $1000

Last updated: 7/25/2019

Language: English

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Organize your Business in One Place with Core CRM Pro

A customizable, scalable, and affordable CRM that easily connects to QuickBooks.

The Core CRM Pro is a flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution created to allow teams to keep track of contact information, invoices, important events, and key data in a centralized location.

The Core CRM Pro is pre-configured for integration with Intuit's® QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online accounting software. This saves time and energy by eliminating duplicate data entry of contacts, vendors, and invoices.

Core CRM Pro Features:

Contacts - organize contacts, leads & vendors
Maintain all contact information for leads, customers, and vendors in one place. Users can track related notes, create appointments and tasks, add or view documents, and link customer’s estimates, and invoices.

Sales - manage sales with estimates & invoices
Create estimates and invoices for contacts and track the progress of sales as deals develop and easily link them to the customer record. With QuickBooks integration, the accounting team can easily push invoices to QuickBooks and pull payment information into FileMaker.

Documents - simplify & centralize document storage
Using the innate security built into FileMaker, the Core CRM Pro provides reliable document storage. Teams can readily access important data and information such as documents, images, PDFs and more.

Calendar & Events - create appointments & track team tasks
With the Core CRM Pro's robust calendar, create appointments, keep track of assigned tasks, and link everything back to a contact. Quickly look at events for a single day, week or month with multiple calendar view options.

Dashboard - monitor Contacts, Sales & Events
Use the Dashboard to analyze various lists, graphs, and charts on contacts and sales. See an overview of scheduled appointments, tasks, and sales transactions. If connected to QuickBooks, use the Dashboard to perform batch pushes of contacts and invoices to a QuickBooks company file.

Using the power of FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform, the Core CRM Pro provides an off-the-shelf CRM tool that is easy to use, easy to customize, easy to share with teams, and easy to connect to important financial data. 

There are two license options for the Core CRM Pro:
1. User Subscription - offers a hosted file with multi-user access, remote access, and includes all necessary FileMaker licensing
2. Site License - offers a fully unlocked file to allow users the ability to customize and host the file themselves

A free one-hour training course is available to learn the basics and maximize all the features.

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