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Product Type: Extensions

Price: Free

Last updated: 8/14/2019

Language: English

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Free, Open-source JavaScript + FileMaker Tool

A free open platform that facilitates creating and deploying JavaScript components in FileMaker.

Integrating JavaScript in FileMaker doesn’t have to be time-consuming and difficult. Carafe supports bundling any JavaScript library, and dozens of free, open-source Bundles have already been contributed by the community. Browse Bundles implementing Datatables.js, maps, rich text editors, image galleries, calendars, charts, and more.

The Carafe platform includes a free unlocked FileMaker configuration and deployment tool. It ships with an optional companion examples file to demonstrate some practices for loading data into a deployed Bundle.

Browse the ever-growing library of open-source, royalty-free bundles. Find out what exciting solutions the community has already contributed at Carafe.FM (

Carafe is compatible with any JavaScript editor and is directly integrated with a convenient and powerful browser-based code editor for configuring bundles. Carafe bundles are also compatible with WidgetStudio.

Carafe makes deployment as simple as copy and paste. The deployed JavaScript is self-contained in a single FileMaker script.

Carafe professional tooling allows any professional JavaScript developer to create or customize a bundle without specialized FileMaker knowledge.

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Download the tool, browse bundles, find documentation, and view our library of video tutorials at

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